In an effort to educate as many clients as possible. You can reach me personally by email, text, or phone, for a FREE consultation.


Jeff Cohen, Replace Vehicle

My name is Jeff Cohen and I've been working with clients that have filed bankruptcy for over 18 years now. Most of my clients come directly from bankruptcy attorneys who are trying to point their clients in the right direction in regards to improving their current vehicle situation. My clients also come from referrals, and direct mail sent to new filers. I send one letter and that's it. Most dealers will be sending the same client 3 to 4 letters over a 90 day period.

In complete transparency I want to lay down exactly how the process goes; no matter where the application comes from the process is the same for EVERYBODY with Replace Vehicle.

We first reach out to our lenders and get a firm commitment and disclose ALL of the numbers upfront. Once we know what specific vehicle you want we locate the exact vehicle and do all of the negotiating with the dealership. We only deal with franchised New and Used car dealerships, not used car lots or private parties. All vehicles are either brand new or are one owner, clean carfax, certified used vehicles. No fees are paid to Replacevehicle. Selling dealer pays Replacevehicle when deal funds. Because I understand the difficulties involved with coming up with a down payment, especially after having to pay your attorney fees. I try to offer a ZERO down option to all of our clients.

When doing a deal with ZERO down the pricing must be aggressive or the lender won't do the deal. Keep in mind we are asking them to finance 100% of the vehicle plus the tax and lic (adds 10% to the total amount financed), which is not what lenders want to do. They want to finance the least on something worth the most, that's why you will be facing big down payment requirements elsewhere.
This isn't about what a dealer wants to sell you a car for. Or what you want to pay for a car but what a lender will loan on the particular vehicle and it's either enough to do the deal with ZERO down or not. 

The Big Edge

The big edge that I can provide my clients is my lenders know that I deal with FULL disclosure. What that means is my clients know everything upfront before going to see the vehicle at the dealership. What normally happens is you go thinking you are going to be at $350 per month and 4 hours later you leave at $500. Unfortunately, this happens all the time. Those are the types of deals that can go bad because people are buying out of impulse not need.
In an effort to educate as many clients as possible. You can reach me for a personal FREE consultation via email, text or phone.

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